In 1986, Fred D. Parrott, MD, established the “REAL MEN COOK” Foundation. The original mission of the Foundation was to increases the number of minority health care providers by providing student scholarships to historically minority medical schools in the United States. The Foundation has donated in excess of $500,000 to these institutions.

In 1994, the organization’s Founder was diagnosed with and successfully treated for prostate cancer. The “REAL MEN COOK” Foundation Board of Directors unanimously voted to focus the organization’s efforts on prostate cancer, with goals of increasing awareness and education in the inner city community.

The “REAL MEN COOK” Foundation Center for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer was founded by Eila C. Skinner, MD, Associate Professor of Urology USC/ Norris Cancer Center, USC Department of Urology, USC Norris Cancer Hospital and Fred D. Parrott, MD, a prostate cancer survivor. Since that time, the “REAL MEN COOK” Foundation has focused on the following four objectives:

1. To survey existing organizations and their available resources
2. To identify unmet needs for men with prostate cancer
3. To create an organizational structure and programs to address these identified needs
4. To build a strong resource base of key individuals, organizations and churches to enrich and support the Foundation’s efforts



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